"Character is the one thing we make in this world and take with us into the next."
- - Ezra Taft Benson
After the Manner of Happiness
by Janae Stubbs

Endings - January 30, 2016
It Could Happen to You - January 12, 2016
Three Christmas Tails - December 07, 2015
Once Upon A Wishbone - November 02, 2015
Piecemeal Miracles - October 05, 2015
Most Embarrassing Moment Ever #342 - September 08, 2015
Zoo-illogical Perspectives - August 03, 2015
A Muffin-Sized Answer to Prayer - July 06, 2015
Puzzles - June 08, 2015

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About Janae Stubbs

Janae and her husband were an inseparable, delightful pair before the coming of their children. Now they are just as delightful and inseparable but with quite a bit more mass—mass that won't go to bed on time and asks so many questions that Janae often wonders if college was enough preparation for motherhood (it's not).

Janae currently serves as a senior primary teacher, a temporary sunbeam teacher, an assistant ward organist, an assistant primary pianist, and the choir pianist. And maybe some others. If you're bored on Sundays you should move to her ward.

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