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December 5, 2014
When Passion Meets Hard Work
by Dian Thomas

If someone were to ask me about my favorite hobbies, I would say I love to find people who have found their passion and matched that with hard work. A few weeks ago I stayed with a woman that found it early in her life.

I first met Jackie Keller when I was in Santa Monica giving a presentation on “How to get a Million Dollars’ Worth of Free Publicity.” Little did I know how much passion this woman had for what she loves! Even better, it has been an inspiration to watch her through the years as she practices what she shares, both in the media and with her clients that she serves.

Jackie Keller

Jackie’s father passed away from a heart attack when she was just a teenager. She has made it her mission to help people live longer and healthier lives. “I have a personal commitment to help people circumvent heart disease and other chronic ailments,” she explains. “It drives almost everything I do. It is my passion.”

This is a time of year that most of us are challenged by the temptation of holiday goodies, which will not take us to health. I know that some people say that they can put on as much as ten unwanted pounds during the holidays. Proof of this is to stop by any gym on Jan 2, and you will see people working hard to take off what they put on in December.

When I visited Jackie, we talked about how challenged I am when food is put before me. I told Jackie when I eat food that I should not it’s like I am at the top of a slide, and once I start down it is hard to stop and get back to the top.

I know that before I met Jackie I was in such a bad cycle. I would tell myself that I would start dieting next Monday and then I would eat my way up the scales. Slowly the number on the scales climbed until it seemed as though there was no return.

Then came the time when I felt so depressed for letting myself get to where I was. Often I would go out and eat more so that in the moment of eating I would feel better, and then the cycle would start over again.

Jackie has helped me develop two keys to support me during difficult eating times. She suggests that you write out your goals before you go out to a restaurant or holiday party. Be specific on what you will eat and what you will not eat. A second thing is to share your plan before you go with a trusted friend or support person. With a plan you have a much better chance of having success.

If by chance you slip a bit, get right back on your program of daily exercise and healthy eating.

One other excellent tip to follow during the holidays is to not bring any food that you should not eat into your house. Think how happy you will be if you make the decision to eat healthy and exercise through the holidays. Today is the best time to start. Then you will not be in the group that gains 10 pounds this holiday season.

Jackie Keller is the Founder of NutriFit, which is Los Angeles’ leading healthy food company. Part of her work is to coach individuals to a healthier life style. To learn more about Jackie and what she has created, go to http://www.nutrifitonline.com.

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About Dian Thomas

Dian Thomas was blessed with the good fortune to be born near and raised in the remote, breathtaking Manti-La Sal National Forest in southeastern Utah, where her father was the forest ranger. She took the skills she learned in the outdoors and turned them into a New York Times best-selling book, Roughing It Easy. Her appearance on the NBC's "Tonight" show with Johnny Carson boosted her into the national media scene, where she became a regular on NBC's "Today" show for eight years and then ABC's "Home Show" for six years. After more than 25 years of media exposure and 19 books, she now shares her practical insights and wisdom with audiences who want to savor life.

A former Relief Society president, Dian is currently serving as a visiting teacher. Visit her website at www.DianThomas.com

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