"We are not measured by the trials we meet -- only by those we overcome."
- - Spencer W. Kimball
November 28, 2012
Remembering Him Always: A Principle with a Promise
by Kathryn Grant

One day at work, I paused before a potentially challenging meeting to pray for the Lord's Spirit to be with me. I'd offered similar prayers in the past, and they'd been answered with a feeling of comfort or a calm assurance that all would be well. But the answer this time surprised me: Into my mind came the distinct words, "Remember Him."

Although the particular answer to my prayer was unexpected, the principle contained in it made perfect sense. We're promised in the scriptures, including the sacrament prayer, that if we remember the Lord always we will always have His Spirit to be with us (see 3 Nephi 18:7 and D&C 20:77). I just hadn't realized the connection was so direct and practical. With that encouragement and with the Savior in my thoughts, I went into the meeting and was blessed with a positive outcome.

I've reflected on that simple experience many times since then and have wondered how I can remember the Lord always. Obviously our minds must focus on other things as well. How can we become more effective at following this counsel so we can have the precious gift of His Spirit with us always — a gift that is becoming more and more vital as the world around us darkens?

One of the first things that come to mind, of course, is meaningful prayer and scripture study. It can be tempting to let the daily-ness of these activities blind us to their power, but they comprise an essential key to remembering Him always.

A grateful heart does much to keep our focus on the Lord. It's hard to be grateful without thinking about the Source of our blessings.

There are some practical things we can do, too. Something as simple as a picture on a wall or a scripture on a mirror or computer wallpaper can help us remember our Savior. Many people find it helpful to ask themselves frequently, "What would Jesus do?" as they navigate through life's choices and challenges.

I've found, too, that the media I consume have a direct impact on my remembering the Lord. Some years ago I began listening to contemporary Christian music. As I did so, the contrast with popular contemporary music became stark.

With Christian music, I heard uplifting lyrics that inspired me to put the Lord first and serve others; the majority of popular music, on the other hand, did little to inspire — much of it ranged from insipid to immoral. Over time I cut this type of music completely out of my musical diet and have been blessed ever since by music that helps me remember the Lord.

Another powerful way to remember Him always is to participate regularly in temple worship. The Savior is at the heart of temple ordinances, so we remember Him as we learn more about Him through these sacred rites. But we also remember Him when we act as saviors on Mount Zion, doing for our loved ones beyond the veil that which they cannot do for themselves.

So here's the challenge for this week: Just for a day, focus on remembering the Savior throughout the entire day. Try any of the suggestions above and add some of your own. What impact does remembering the Savior have on the way you feel the Spirit throughout the day?

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About Kathryn Grant

Kathryn Grant is a user assistance professional with a passion for usability and process improvement. She also loves family history and enjoys the challenge and reward of building her family tree.

As a child, she lived outside the United States for four years because of her father's job. This experience fueled her natural love of words and language, and also taught her to appreciate other cultures.

Kathryn values gratitude, teaching, learning, differences, and unity. She loves looking at star-filled skies, reading mind-stretching books, listening to contemporary Christian music, attending the temple, and eating fresh raspberries.

Kathryn teaches Sunday family history classes at the BYU Family History Library, and presents frequently at family history events. For more information, visit her Family History Learning Resources page

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