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November 18, 2015
Totally Ready for Anything
What Would You Do? Civil Unrest (Part 1)
by Carolyn Nicolaysen

I was planning to publish a fabulous article this week all about preparing your car for winter. As I was writing the news broke concerning the terrorist attacks in Paris.

As of this moment we know the terrorists claimed to be from ISIS. They attacked at least seven different sites a few minutes apart. As first responders gathered at one site, another was attacked, and so on. This was a well-coordinated attack, meant to kill as many as possible and to cause chaos and terror. Today the Pope declared this is the beginning of World War III.

In the past two weeks, ISIS placed a bomb on a Russian jet, killing all on board (including 25 children), detonated bombs in Lebanon, and killed and wounded many in Paris.

Before I am labeled a fear-monger let me ask you. On September 10th 2001 would you have believed terrorists would fly planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and attempted an attack on the White House? As you thought about Thanksgiving on November 12th would you have imagined a terrorist bombing in Paris of this magnitude?

Madame Curie said it best: ďNothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.Ē Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

We have been warned by prophets of old and latter-day prophets that this would happen. In Howard W. Hunter's words: "Surely the Lord loves, more than anything else, an unwavering determination to obey his counsel" (October General Conference, 1982).

ďWe do not know when the calamities and troubles of the last days will fall upon any of us as individuals or upon bodies of the Saints. Ö We can rest assured that if we have done all in our power to prepare for whatever lies ahead, He will then help us with whatever else we need. Ö We do not say that all of the Saints will be spared and saved from the coming day of desolation. But we do say there is no promise of safety and no promise of security except for those who love the Lord and who are seeking to do all that he commands.Ē Bruce R. McConkie, General Conference, April 1979

I hope you are following us on the Totally Ready facebook page and preparing a few things each week. Small and steady wins the race. It is time to understand more that we may fear less.

During a time of civil unrest there will be many who will be looking for resources, food, money, shelter, and some will just want to plunder.

I have lived through a time of civil unrest in my hometown. I will tell more about that in the next article. You cannot imagine the fear if you have not lived it, and it is my prayer neither you nor any of my family will ever have to live that.

Not only during a crisis time but also at any time it is frightening to realize that someone might be following you. With a few precautions you can stay safe:

One of the people they interviewed in Paris said everyone around her just stood not believing the attack was really happening and they were frozen, wondering what to do. This is exactly why we think about the unthinkable so our brain will be programmed and we will know what to do when an emergency strikes at home.

In my next article we will examine how to stay safe in a crowd and at home during civil unrest.

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