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February 11, 2015
Totally Ready for Anything
Auto Kits Can Save Your Life
by Carolyn Nicolaysen

Whether living in the city or commuting a distance, you should always be prepared with a good kit in your car. For city dwellers we all know we can be stuck at work for the night due to power outages, civil disruptions, weather, or a variety of other reasons. Having a good kit in your car can make this overnight an adventure rather than a drudgery.

If you should have to, or choose to, leave the city due to a disaster of any kind, having a kit already to go in your car may save valuable time as you attempt to beat the inevitable traffic nightmares.

Imagine trying to flee a dangerous situation, only to have a hose burst. Imagine being stuck on the road in an hours-long traffic jam during a blizzard or heat wave. Your car(s) is an important part of any emergency plan. Boring maybe ó essential,yes.

This week gather as many of these items as possible from around the house and make a list of items you will need to purchase. These may include:

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