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November 19, 2014
Totally Ready for Anything
Here Comes the Polar Vortex
by Carolyn Nicolaysen

The next few days, weeks and months are predicted to bring colder than normal temperatures across much of the Untied States and Canada. We have already seen crazy winter storms much earlier and more intense than is the norm. Are you ready?

Temperatures this low often mean downed power lines and outages. What do you need to do now to be prepared?

During a power failure, no matter what the cause, some planning is needed to keep family life somewhat normal. Remember the August 2003 power blackout? It was the largest outage in North American history, affecting 10 million people in Canada, and 40 million people in eight states of the USA.

It was dramatic because it touched so many people at once, and lasted about 30 hours, costing the nation about $6-billion in losses. Other outages, however, are more localized and can have a severe impact on individuals and families, especially when power can be out for days or weeks.

Many communities have experienced power outages due to blizzards for two or more weeks at a time. Ice storms sometimes paralyze cities as far south as the Carolinas. Your home might survive the ravages of the storm, but still be without power for extended periods. Here are some ideas for your emergency plan:

This is going to be a very cold winter. Now is the time to prepare.

Next time we will talk about what to do and how to use all of the items above when the power fails.

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