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September 16, 2014
Goodness Matters
The Whole Slice
by Vickey Pahnke Taylor

I found this great thought, written down by Karen Salmansohn. This is how it reads:

PLEASE keep in mind that whatever you’re going through, this challenging time in your life is merely IN your life. It is NOT your WHOLE life. So be sure to keep this slice of your life in perspective and don’t let it overwhelm you. REMEMBER: Nothing is everything. The part is not greater than the whole.

Amen. We are the whole pie. Not a slice or two or three. Our lives count, and have merit, and refine us as the course challenges us. This is because we go through a slice of intense joy here, a slice of intense pain there, and a smidgeon of understanding as we stay the course of living the mortal journey.

Some of my slices? Ughhh… I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. It isn’t supposed to be “their” slice, anyhow. Like it or not, it is my slice. My lesson. My “time to… (fill in the blank with current or past problems, mistakes, issues, or whatever).”

Our sense of worth and value comes when we recognize that our life is about events. All about events. Some of them are delightful and many of them are just plain hard. But Isaiah said this about our worth: “I will make a man more precious than fine gold” (13:12).

Men and women become “more precious than fine gold” as we accept the lessons that tutor us — sometimes in harder ways than we’d like. There are a few ways that the tutoring — and the learning — can offer us a bit more perspective, so that we can begin to see the whole pie, rather than define ourselves (wrongly, good or bad) by the one or two slices:

The harsh times won’t last forever. They are a few pieces of the pie of life. During the hard times, though, can we:

Momentary lapses in judgment may cause problems. But they don’t have to become who we are. Moments of despair don’t define our whole journey. Challenges that seem to tear us apart don’t assign us to a lifetime of them. They are NOT us! We are good and we are loved. We can shift, adjust, and more clearly see.

Nothing is everything. But we are everything to our Savior and our God. That’s a really beautiful, good thing. And goodness matters.

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