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August 29, 2014
Melís Kitchen Cafe
Kitchen Tip: How to Cover Pretty Cupcakes and Cookies Without Messing Them Up
by Melanie Gunnell

Ignore me if all of you have figured this out already, but I am always frustrated trying to figure out how to cover platters of decorated cupcakes and cookies without messing up the frosting. Am I alone in this?

It’s not a need I’m faced with every day, but occasionally, I have a tray of, say, number eight sugar cookies that have been swirled prettily with frosting and by golly, I don’t want the plastic wrap pressing into the frosting and ruining my hard work (neither do I want to use a hard set royal icing because…well, long live soft creamy frosting forever, plus, the royal icing isn’t feasible on cupcakes).

It’s not an issue if the cookies aren’t leaving my house but if I need to store them overnight and/or move them to another location, then I kind of feel like covering them is the best defense against toddler fingers, bugs and other hazards.

So this last time, I opened every drawer in my kitchen hoping for inspiration and sure enough, when I spied those spindly straws an idea came to me.

I put a piece of tape on the short side of the straw and bent the long side up. Then I pressed the tape to the underside of the platter making sure to mold it tightly to the sides of the straw so the straw wouldn’t wiggle.

Stick with me (no pun intended); you’ll see how this all comes together. I was using a ceramic platter here and regular ol’ Scotch tape came off just fine after but using blue painter’s tape might be an even more sure bet for no residue left on the tray.

I repeated this six times total, three on each side (it was a square platter) and bent the straws inward like shown to create a little canopy base for the plastic wrap. Then, I laid out three pieces of plastic wrap on the counter, overlapping slightly, and gently lifted it over the top of the straws so that it rested right on the tips of all the straws without bending the straws too close to the precious cookies.

I carefully folded the edges of the plastic wrap under the tray…and…crisis averted! Pretty simple but very effective. That plastic wrap didn’t even get close to those cookies.

Me: 1, Messed Up Cookies: 0.

I’ve used this method since for cupcakes (just don’t bend the straws down quite as far) and a few other trays of cookies. It works like a dream. Once I transport the cookies, I gently lift off the plastic wrap and then flip the straws back — they peel right off the underside of the platter.

So there you have it! Not rocket science and it definitely isn’t going to change the world, but it works and has made me very, very happy. Ah, the simple things in life…

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