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May 21, 2014
Totally Ready for Anything
Keep Summer Safe and Sane
by Carolyn Nicolaysen

Now is a time to consider the dangers we all face during the summer months. There are dangers associated with mosquito bites, allergies, and ticks and the illness and discomfort they cause.

The most serious of the summertime dangers is heat itself. Do you know the danger signs? Would you know when it is time to take a family member out of the sun or worse, to the doctor for help? Now is the time to prepare.

What Are the Symptoms?

Heat cramp symptoms include:

Heat stroke symptoms include:

What To Do?

It is also time to think about summer activities and how to keep safe while having fun. Most families will head outdoors for meals soon. Now is the time to prepare so your cook outs can remain safe for all.

You should:

Do Not:

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