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July 26, 2013
Creative Living
Kids Bored? Time for Fun Summer Projects
by Dian Thomas

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It’s mid-summer and easy for the kids to get bored if they do not have enough to do. Here are fun summer projects that both kids and parents and grandparents can enjoy.

Pioneer Dolls: On this video, you will learn how to take unbleached muslin and make several different rag dolls. You can make either girl or boy dolls. The kids will have a wonderful time making these and playing with them through the summer.

Ant Farms: Those who like to get outside will find great fun in making an ant farm. If you live close to a place that you can go to find an anthill, you will be set. All you need is a large glass bottle with a plastic lid that you can punch holes in and an anthill.

Watch this fun video and you and see step by step how to make your farm, go out and find an anthill and get the ants in. When you find the anthill, shovel the dirt and ants into the container. For it to work you need to get the queen ant, and you cannot be sure until you give them a few days to work to know if you have succeeded.

It would be fun to have the kids read about ants from book you get at the library before building the farm. An ant farm can also be purchased from the Internet.

Kids’ Pizza Garden: It only takes about 6 weeks for a pizza garden to grow, so there is still time this summer for the kids to have fun making a pizza garden. In this video you will see step by step how to create the circle to plant the garden in. After the garden is planted the kids will have fun watering and watching the plants grow the rest of the summer. When the vegetables are ready you can make a pizza with the tomatoes, onions and peppers that were grown in your pizza garden.

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