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June 24, 2013
Life on Planet Kathy
Letting Blessings Pour on You
by Kathryn H. Kidd

The other day, the sun kept playing hide-and-seek with us all day long as we watched its progress across the sky. One minute it was firmly hidden behind dark clouds; the next, it was shining like there was no tomorrow, and life was glorious.

We watched the now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t progress of the sun all day, never knowing what it was going to make up its mind to do. Finally the sun appeared in all its splendor, and I said to Fluffy, “If you’re ever going on a walk today, now is the time.”

“Now may well have been the time,” but Fluffy was Fluffy. We stopped playing our game of dominoes so he could go on his walk, but he hopped into his office to check his email and then he got sidetracked into a game of computer solitaire. One game turned into another, and then into another. It was nearly an hour later when he went on his walk.

I was playing computer solitaire in my own makeshift office when suddenly — BOOM! The sky opened. It didn’t just rain. Noah himself would have been impressed with what came down in Northern Virginia that afternoon. It was as though a whole team of angels had filled five-gallon buckets of rainwater and simultaneously upended them in our neighborhood. When those buckets were empty, the angels emptied more of them, and then more.

Naturally I was concerned about Fluffy. Rain is my favorite weather and always has been, but Fluffy is a sunny little soul. He likes Mr. Sun. In fact, his naturally sweet disposition gets even sweeter as the sun gets brighter. His temperament often mirrors the weather that God sends down on him, so I naturally didn’t want to think of him being cold and soaked by God’s brigade of rain-dumping angels.

The five-gallon buckets continued to be poured. Although I usually enjoy the show, I was so concerned about Fluffy that I almost wished the rain would end. Eventually it did. About fifteen minutes later, one drowned bunny opened our front door.

Without even turning around in the wheelchair I said, “You poor little sweetheart!”

But my words were overshadowed by Fluffy’s: “Wow! That was great! Isn’t nature terrific?”

I turned around then. Sure enough, Fluffy was a poor little drowned bunny. But the smile on his face was as bright as though Mr. Sun had moved inside our house for the duration of the downpour.

Some people look at little setbacks as though they are the end of the world. Others, like Fluffy look at setbacks as though they are grand adventures. The difference is that the happy people choose happiness.

Those are the people I choose to surround myself with.

Let the rest of the world complain. As for my friends and me, we’re busy having grand adventures. Whether it is an ant infestation or a year spent in a wheelchair, there’s always something crazy going on in the Kidd household. Fluffy and I are never bored.

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