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April 16, 2013
Goodness Matters
The Impossible Dream
by Vickey Pahnke Taylor

Is there such a thing as an impossible dream?

Don Quixote is a loveable, eccentric, faith filled fellow who lives and sees the world (in the fictional story, of course) very differently than most. He is set on lifting the world beyond its more sorry state so that folks may reside in a more chivalrous state, filled with morals and values that count.  Is he brilliant or crazy, or a little of both?

We know that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).  While some in the world choose to believe that Christ was a good man, a prophet, or a figment of someone’s imagination, I trust that if you’re reading this you have a testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is our Redeemer and Savior. He is the only begotten of the Father, and our mediator to Him.

He taught that with God all things are possible. I believe it to be true — even when, sometimes, I am like doubting Thomas.

Elder Richard G. Scott taught that, “Doubt is spiritual poison that stunts eternal growth” (October 1979 General Conference).  Ouch. Every once in a while I need one of those super powered vacuum cleaners — the spiritual and mental kind — to sweep through me a few times, removing any remnants of that spiritual poison.

Doubt keeps me from my goals, and keeps my goals from accepting me. I must move forward with faith — nothing wavering — in order to carry the light of faithful hope into a corner that is darkening my path.  The thought is simpler, perhaps, than the words I’m using.

Here:  I have to stop being my own worst enemy when doubt tries to sneak in. Keeping the Holy Ghost with me allows the light of my testimony — of my belief, and of my trust in good, valuable, righteous goals — to shake out any questioning of heavenly dreams. My God is stronger than any dark uncertainty.

Don Quixote’s dream was one that made for a colorful life. If each one of us held tight to our faith, and lived our dream that we can — each one of us — make a difference for good in this world in simple, day-to-day ways, wouldn’t this be a better world? Even if some thought us off our rockers or out of touch with reality, wouldn’t our lives somehow count a little more for those who are inspired by our unwavering faith?

It’s a gallant quest — one I love engaging in. Some may call me silly. Too much of a Pollyanna. Unrealistic. One of too many old fashioned windmills in a world that uses new technology. But some things never go out of fashion, do they?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are many of us, though, who believe — as did Hugh Nibley — that we may have a mind “open to infinite possibilities.” (Of All Things, Signature Books, 1981)

With the open mind, comes an open heart in most cases. With the open heart comes the greater faith. And the trust that there are no impossible dreams.

We can be, in some small sense, like Don Quixote (preferably with a keener sense of wisdom and a much stronger sense of truth).  Because of it, we could deliver a little drop of joy here and a scent of sweetness and hope there. People would smile a little more, and be uplifted because of our small efforts. That would be good, wouldn’t it?

And goodness matters.

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