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March 22, 2013
Creative Living
Easy Easter Decorations
by Dian Thomas

Paper bag bunny basket

Paper Bag Bunny Basket

This bunny basket is so simple, even preschoolers can make it. It is fun to let the kids make and share with their friends.

Lay the paper bag flat with the glued side down. Sketch a pair of rabbit ears on the top half of the bag. Cut the ears out, leaving the front and back ears attached to the bag.

Cut the sides of the bag even with the bottom of the ears and cut the milk carton to the same height. Decorate the bag with a bunny face and finish with a small pink pom-pom nose, pipe-cleaner whiskers, and a cotton-ball tail.

Insert the milk carton in the bag and fill with Easter grass and candies. Glue the front and back ears together at the very tops.

Toilet tissue bunny

Tissue Easter Baskets

Use toilet paper to make the bunnies and chicks.

Draw faces on each roll of tissue. Cut the duck or chick beak and feet from orange construction paper. Cut ears and feet for bunnies from pink construction paper.

Glue ears into bunny by spreading the paper enough to snug ears in place. Glue beaks and feet in place. Sponge paint onto feet and ears of bunnies to create the appearance of fur.

Push Easter grass and candies in the tube. Decorate with small flowers or pom-poms, a tied ribbon at the neck, and a hat for the duck. If you cannot find the color of tissue that you would like, just spray paint. You can also put contact clear paper around the tissue paper to make it stronger.

Here is a chick made from a bathroom tissue roll.

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