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June 5, 2012
Prompting Children to Remember
by Heather Best

We've all experienced it. On Sunday, we attend our meetings, participate in our classes, chat with friends, and then go home for the day. At home, we prepare lunch and/or dinner, call family and friends, visit with home and visiting teachers and call on people we missed at church.

By the time we are sitting down at the dining table, someone inevitably asks the following questions: "How was your Sunday School/Primary class?" "What did you talk about today?"

In my house, these questions are often followed by: the "deer in the headlight" glare and a lot of "uh, um" and "I don't know" responses. So, what do we do to help alleviate the all too frequent and occasionally embarrassing (especially when company is over) shrugs and "I don't knows"?

In my Primary class, I have started handing out brightly colored 4x6 note cards with a bulleted outline of our lessons. I keep them short enough that parents do not have to read the lesson, but provide enough information to trigger the children's memories of what we talked about.

Thus far, I have received only positive responses from the children and their families about the cards. In my house, my son loves giving the card to his dad, who can then ask him the questions and listen to a beautiful six-year-old recite his Primary lesson. What more can you ask?

There are smiles all around and we all feel so much better now that we know what questions to ask and can listen to our children who are so excited to share what they learned - every little detail.

Sunday afternoons simply don't come fast enough. I can't wait to hear my son yell, "Hey Dad! Guess what we did in class today! Ask me anything, Dad. I can tell you!" These are blessings of having notes taken for us, providing the right key words to ask the right questions. Life is good.

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About Heather Best

Heather Best grew up in Washington State as a Navy brat. After a tour in the US Army, she pursued her education obtaining degrees in medical assisting and biology and is currently completing a degree in chemistry. Heather has volunteered over the years in public and private schools, hospitals and her community in various roles.

Heather currently resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, with her family, where she serves as the CTR 6 Primary class teacher for her ward.

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